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Ready to Wear - Civil War Era Clothing
Ready to Wear - Civil War Era Clothing
Ready to Wear - Civil War Era Clothing
Ready to Wear - Civil War Era Clothing
Ready to Wear - Civil War Era Clothing
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Posted 3/27/07

Hi again!!

Oh my goodness....I was not expecting my dress to get here so quickly but it came already today (Monday) and I am just pleased as punch! It fits just great, no worries there at all....I love it and hope to wear it a lot  during this reenacting season. I have left feedback on Ebay and I hope that your Ebay experience will improve and the bidding will go better for  you. I love seeing your stuff out there. Some of the Civil war “period correct” things on Ebay are just awful, not correct in any way, shape or form....so it’s nice to see things that are appropriate and well made.

Thanks so much....we’ll be in touch, I am sure.

Hugs to you,  Jackie
Dear Mrs. Abraham,

My wife and I would like to thank you and your great staff for all of your help when we were at your shop. My wife Narda and I were married on June 11th, 2005 at the Bartow-Pell Manor in New York State which is a Victorian manor. There would have been no way to have our dream wedding day without all of your help. My mouth hit the floor when I saw how beautiful my wife was in her dress. My daughter and step daughter were very beautiful as well with dresses we also picked up at your shop that day. Words can not say what I feel about the way your staff helped my wife on that day. The way they helped fit her dress and took care of all of our needs. This confirms one thing and that is that we will come to your shop again and again for not only great service but great products.

I have enclosed a few pictures of our wedding to say thanks.

With Affection,

Kenneth & Narda


Your gown is beautiful Thank you for making this event possible for me. It was a once in a life time opportunity. I’ll stop in next May when I bring my students to Gettysburg.


My order arrived last night, and I want to thank you for everything I know it was a rush-but the items are exactly what I needed and wanted

Thank you again, very much Your customer service, friendly emails, speedy shipping and gorgeous products have been such a blessing

Good afternoon

Just a quick note to let you know how very happy I was with my order and with the wonderful service I received

I ordered a corset, 5-bone flounced hoop, undersleeves, fingerless mitts, and a cameo brooch, and they all came very quickly and fit perfectly. I had an endless supply of compliments on the beauty and authenticity of my costume this year. Thank you very much, Abraham’s Lady

Thank you again for your wonderful e-store, the high quality of your items, and your superb service.

Stephanie H,
Dayton, OH

November 9, 2005

Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for all your help in choosing period clothing for my two daughters. The enclosed picture was taken this past summer for an event on Long Island, NY. Since they could not pick them out or try them on in person, we had to order them over the phone. They looked great and the girls could not be happier.

Thanks again. See you Remembrance Day weekend. I’ll be stopping in.


Thank you for the wonderful service and friendly atmosphere the past two years. We have

s again. Thank-You Thank-You Thank-You

Onto a similar subject, I have never had the privilege to make i9t out to your store, but I have heard wonderful thing about the bonnets ya’ll make. Thanks again for all your help in getting me the gloves so fast. I couldn’t have done it without your help Cheri F.moved, but will be back in the Spring before our re-enactments begin.

Jill B., VA